Business Insurance

A financial advisor is an important member of your business planning team. Your advisor is a trained professional who can help you build a bridge among your profession or business, your investments, and your family estate.

Whether you require services for your corporation, family business, or farm, we have the products, service, and knowledge to help you better manage and plan for the future.

Our team can help your business grow and prosper by providing you with financial advice and knowledge on many business and corporate planning–related areas, including:

Group & Employee Benefits

Business Insurance & Risk Management

Helping to Reduce Business Taxation

Succession Planning, Including Buy-Sell Planing

Executive Retirement Planning

Insuring Debt in the Business

Corporate Insured Retirement Program

The Opportunity for Small Businesses and Professional/Medical Corporations with growing Retained Earnings.

Business owners who need Life Insurance to…

  • Capitalize on the Capital Dividend Account (CDA) to receive potentially tax-free dividends
  • Fund a buy-sell agreement between partners of the company
  • Cover the loss of a key employee such as an individual with a special skill
  • Secure a loan that will only be granted if there is life insurance on the business owner
  • Fund a capital gains liability that results from the distribution of a shareholder’s interest in the company to his/her designated beneficiaries

Using Whole Life or Universal Life, once a sizeable Cash Value has accumulated, a third party line of credit may be established to…

  • Access a source of cash for income or emergencies
  • Provide a source of tax advantaged supplemental retirement income for key employees and owners
  • Seek out new business opportunities
  • Expand their businesses or pay for other operational expenses

Employee Group Insurance Plans

You want to attract and retain the best employees possible because they contribute to your company’s success. A well-designed Group Employee Benefit Package provides great value-added components to employees and shows your firm cares about their future.

We have specialists available who can help you design an innovative group and employee benefits package that’s a suitable and affordable fit for your company. They will listen to your needs and explore the available options to develop an effective solution. Implementation and management of your new employee benefits program will improve employee compensation and contribute to your corporate success.

Call us to set up an initial consultation so we can determine which experts to engage depending on your size of business and the complexity of your needs.

Employee Retirement Plans

Several options exist for assisting employees to improve their financial position at retirement.

Group RRSP programs result in reduced tax at source that encourages and enables employees to accumulate more retirement funds on a systematic basis.

Pension Plans are a more formal manner to provide either specified contributions for your employee’s retirement savings or even defined benefits at retirement.