Business Investment

Business Investment

In my work as a Financial Advisor, I provide wealth advisory services to businesses. This includes helping them grow, protect and preserve their assets, wealth and legacy.

It is very clear to me that whether you have a transition plan in place or not, one day you will transfer your business to your children, extended family or sell to a third party.

The question is, will it be on your terms (voluntarily), or someone else’s (involuntarily)?

Without a proper plan in place that addresses these issues, you can be more susceptible to an involuntary sale or transfer of your business. A formal transition plan puts you in charge, giving you greater choice about how and when you begin this important process.

I provide investment management solutions to businesses in the areas of tax planning, retirement planning, and wealth transfer. I also work in conjunction with a team of professionals which is comprised of lawyers, accountants, financial analysts, insurance experts, business succession planning and estate planning professionals.