Private Wealth Management

Your portfolio requires careful consideration and day-to-day management; we are here to help you with that. If your investment assets are north of $500,000, you may be looking for investment management services to help meet your specific financial objectives.

We work with industry leaders in discretionary investment management that use a disciplined approach to create a customized portfolio that reflects your investment goals. From there, your own dedicated Investment Portfolio Manager can make strategic decisions — day-in and day-out — on your behalf. All within a low-cost management fee framework that compares very favourably to other options.

Advantages include:

  • Direct access to an experienced and dedicated portfolio manager;
  • A customized portfolio comprised of individual securities like high-quality bonds, stocks, and other marketable securities as opposed to mutual funds;
  • A low-cost management fee structure that compares favorably to other investment options. (And, please note, fees for non-registered accounts are usually tax deductible.); and
  • Disciplined investing under a philosophy based on prudent investment principles aimed at achieving consistently solid, long-term, above-average returns.

We are happy to provide a free, no obligation, confidential second opinion at a time that is convenient for you.